Easter at The Evergreens

As the sun starts to feel really warm and the evenings draw out we are preparing for a busy time at The Evergreens as April brings a variety of happy and interesting Events.

On Tuesday the 19th we are proud to hold our NVQ graduation ceremony when all the Staff who have recently acquired their Care qualifications at levels 2 and 3 receive their certificates and which will be attended by the Deputy Mayor and hopefully the Bournemouth Echo. We shall be serving a celebratory afternoon tea, to which you are all invited, and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the Staff on their achievements and wish them success with the on-going training they have undertaken. Apart from the many hours of hard work they put in at the Evergreens many more hours have been spent studying at home and we are delighted for them and ourselves at the outstanding results.

By the end of that week Easter will be upon us with, we hope, some more of this delightful weather Time for the garden to be enjoyed and Easter Bonnets to be prepared.

We are expecting a delivery of very special eggs……..Living eggs…….that will by the magic that is nature turn very quickly into baby chickens to delight us all. Last year we successfully raised eight little balls of yellow fluff, and if this year things go well we should have a couple of weeks of entertainment as they hatch out before our eyes and develop their tiny wings and make their first attempts at flight. They will be on display in a heated coop in the Sitting Room and you are very welcome to come and view them.

In keeping with tradition Holy Communion will be held in the House on the Thursday before Easter, again friends and family are most welcome to join in. We shall have an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning, and the weekend will feature special festive and seasonal menus.

Then the much anticipated big “Event”, the Royal Wedding, April 29th. Here at the Evergreens we hope to capture a bit of the drama and excitement as we follow proceedings on the big screen television , watch the procession to the Abbey, the Service and then the return to the Palace for the wave from the balcony. Lunch will be served in the Sitting room…..Scampi in the basket……so that viewing is uninterrupted, or indeed in residents’ own rooms if they prefer, and in the afternoon we shall cut our own Royal Wedding cake and enjoy a slice whilst toasting the Bride and Groom with a glass of pink bubbly. A special buffet of poached salmon and coronation chicken will bring the happy day to a close.

Finally we would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding whilst the building work continues and especially your tolerance of the parking restrictions. Things are going to schedule and the new rooms will be completed in the next two months or so, however as many of you already know we then expect to start work on the new conservatory; it simply has to be done during the summer months and will inevitably bring more congestion to the car park. This should be of a very temporary nature and we are confident that when you see the splendid new conservatory and enjoy the enormously enhanced space it will bring to the public rooms that you will feel like us that, the interim disruption has been worthwhile.

Happy Easter to you all.

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