Friday May 4th, 2.45p.m.

The Carousel Players will be entertaining us again with the first of their Summer productions. Join us for the show at 2.45pm , Afternoon tea in the interval and Sing-a-Long to follow.



We have no fewer than three of our Residents reaching their 100 years Anniversary this summer (indeed one will celebrate her 103 Birthday) and although we will be marking each special day with an individual party we thought it was an irresistible excuse to get out the Barbeque, pray to the heavens for some fine weather, and hold a splendid tribute to three exceptional people of a very grand age.

The Birthdays Barbeque will be held on Friday, July 6th from 11.30a.m. in the garden.

To add to the fun the theme will be an “American Ho-Down” and Big Chef (Chief !!) Noel will be sizzling away to produce cowboy food to delight us all accompanied by Country music and Buffalo cocktails.

Centenary Ho-Down

11.30a.m. Conservatory and Garden Patio

Selection of drinks to set the mood, Buffalo cocktail (Bourbon with Seven-Up),

Cold Duck(Californian Pink Sparkling Rose Wine),

Millers Lite Beer, Coca Cola, Lemonade, Fruit Squashes.


From the BBQ, 100% Ground Beef Burgers, BBQ Chicken Wings,

Selection of Sausages, Salmon Steaks

Accompanied by American Fries, Sweetcorn

Mild Chilli Beans, Coleslaw, Mixed Salads, Tomato relish

Desserts, Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and

The Centenary Gateau…….yes with a hundred candles, what else did you expect?


“To a Hundred Happy years and many more to come, Ted, Doris and Joan,

we raise our glasses to you all”


“A cause for celebration”

Deaths from heart attacks have halved over the past decade. Last week’s cheerful headline put it all down to better medicine and less smoking. There is no doubt that, for the most part, we in the rich world are living longer and better. In August, a friend of mine will celebrate both the fifth anniversary of his retirement and his 100th Birthday. A bit slow on his feet, he lives alone, with a cleaner coming into his flat once a week and someone to drive him to the daily events that make up his very full social diary. Of course he’s one of the lucky ones, but his long lifespan is increasingly common. When George V first started to send a telegram to centenarians in 1917, he sent two a month. Ninety years later The Queen was sending two a day to people over 105.

All over Britain, newspaper reporters ask the same question of their local centenarian “what is the secret of so long a life?” The answers will be as contradictory as the health advice in the popular press. For every one who puts his longevity down to a lifetime of abstinence, there will another who will recommend good red wine, hard work, a happy marriage, religious belief, friends, family – the recipe is as elusive and contradictory as the characters who propound it.

Perhaps the most compelling anecdotal change in our lifetime is the population of our Retirement Homes. Forty years ago, they were largely filled by people in their seventies. Today, the nineties reign supreme. There is much comment on the difficulties all this presents for our society. The costs and the social impacts are significant. Yet, the upside is also well worth celebrating in a year that sees The Queen’s 86th Birthday and her Diamond Jubilee. All being well, it won’t be long before she’ll be sending her husband the equivalent of a telegram, and her capacity for work, her stamina and her acute mind set a right royal example.


The day will be a celebration of this historic event as we theme our activities and menu around the unfolding pageant. With television coverage throughout the day, live programs, reflective documentaries and historical footage we expect many Residents to be fully engaged with the onscreen presentation but we also hope many of you will join us to share the happy day and join in with some organised fun and entertainment.

Click here to see what we’ve got planned…

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