Easter Time at The Evergreens…

Sunday, 24th March, PALM SUNDAY

All Residents will be presented with a Palm Cross , a reminder of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding a donkey over roads strewn with palm fronds, a prelude to the events of Easter Sherry will be served in the Conservatory before a special luncheon.



Monday, 25th March, LIVING EGGS

Providing much excitement in the run up to Easter the living eggs arrive this week so that we can watch them closely in their incubator in the Sitting Room.

If we’re very lucky the baby chickens will emerge over the Easter Weekend, small fluffy and completely adorable – the little girls yellow and the boys a dappled brown. Come and see them as their little wings grow and hold them in your lap, the miracle of life enacted before our eyes!


Thursday, 28th March, EASTER HOLY COMMUNION

11.00am Coffee Morning, everyone is welcome to join us for coffee and biscuits and Easter Communion will follow at 11.45 with the Reverend Phyllis.



29th March to 3rd April 

A Spring weekend to enjoy everything from Hot Cross Buns to the Easter Egg Hunt. Take part in the Easter Sunday Quiz and win our “Teddy Bear in his Easter Lair”

Special menus and activities and if the weather is kind the start of the season for coffee, teas and even lunch on the terrace. Have your bonnet ready!

Click here to have a look at our Easter menu for 2013.


Thursday, April 11th, 2.30 pm  “MUSICAL HALLS”

The first visit of the year from the Carousel Theatre group and presenting their new show “Music Halls”.

Billed as a musical extravaganza with professional actors and plenty of favourites to sing-along to. Family and friends are very welcome to join us for the performance and for tea and cakes after the show.

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