Autumn Approaches…

Sad as it may be to say goodbye to the long summer days and the enjoyment of meals in the garden, especially when it’s been as good as this year, Autumn brings with it it’s own special delights and activities.

The months during the run up to Christmas are a time to celebrate traditional feast days and festivities, some more serious than the others, some just an excuse to have a bit of fun.

Thursday, 31st October – Halloween

pumpkinA bit of nonsense absorbed from the United States and enhanced by Walt Disney, and generally the province of small, excited children “tricking and treating” their way around the neighbourhood, however no reason not to join in with the fun, so expect to find the atmosphere somewhat spooky and the menu just a little blood curdling…you’ve been warned!

Halloween at The Evergreens…

All SoulsIn complete contrast November 2nd, All Souls, or La Toussaint as it is known in France, is a traditional family occasion where loved ones are remembered and bouquets of Chrysanthemums are placed around the home. We shall be holding a short service at 11.30a.m. on 7th November with the Reverend Phyllis and a coffee morning will follow. We hope some of you will be able to join us.

Tuesday, 5th November – Guy Fawkes Night

Guy FawkesStanding around in the cold and damp is not a good idea as we’ve got a bit older, but there should be glimpses of fireworks from the conservatory once it gets dark, and we will be sampling some bonfire food , Bangers, Jacket potatoes, Chestnuts and mugs of steaming soup with perhaps a sparkler or two.

Bonfire Night Special…

Sunday, 10th November – Remembrance Sunday

poppy wreathA very special day, especially for those of you old enough to remember the World War and to have lived through those exceptional times.

The service from the Cenotaph will be shown in the Sitting Room followed by Sherry before a special Luncheon to mark the occasion.

In the afternoon there will be reminiscence activities and a high tea with a special WW2 cake to bring those memories flooding back. Maybe our very own Lancaster rear gunner can recount a story or two!

Rememberance Day Special Luncheon

Thursday, 28th November – Thanksgiving

Turkey DinnerYes, something else imported from the United States but a very good excuse to have another Turkey Lunch.

December will be a very busy month with lots of planned events and our special Minibus Outing to see the Christmas lights and have mulled wine served to us in the car park of the Haven Hotel overlooking the sandbanks ferry. A huge success last year, thanks to marvellous service from the Hotel and being repeated by popular demand!

More details of the Christmas program will be available a little nearer the time.

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